Traffic Light Menu – Fillings Selection

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This menu has been developed to meet the ACT Government Healthy Food and Drink Choices Policy, Nutrition Standard 2 applicable to catering: “On each occasion, the majority of foods and drinks must be GREEN. AMBER foods and drinks may be provided in small quantities only. RED category foods and drinks must not be supplied”. The menu has been assessed independently by the ACT Nutrition Support Service.

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Traffic Light Menu Colours

Fillings Selection (Chefs Selection for Packages)

Traditional Sandwich
  • Ham and Salad – AMBER
  • Chicken and Salad – AMBER
  • Roast Beef and Salad – AMBER
  • Egg – AMBER
  • Vegetarian – GREEN
Gourmet Sandwich / Baguettes / Foccacias
  • Roast Beef and Salad – AMBER
  • Smoked Salmon – AMBER
  • Chicken and Salad – AMBER
  • Tuna – AMBER
  • Ham and Salad – AMBER
  • Chicken and Salad – AMBER
  • Vegetarian –GREEN