Sweet (Prices per Person)
A. Lemon Curd Tart $5.00
B. Chocolate & Salted Caramel Tart $5.00
C. Classic Baked Lamingtons – Chefs mix of Chocolate & Raspberry $4.00
D. Classic Melting Moments $4.50
E. House Baked Muffins $4.50
F. House Baked Danish Pastries $3.50
G. ANZAC Biscuits 2pp $4.00
H. Double Choc Chip Biscuits 2pp $4.00
I. Chefs Selection of Biscuits 2pp $4.00
J. Cup Cakes – Red Velvet or Chocolate & Caramel $5.00
K. Chocolate Mud Slice $5.00
L. Caramel Slice $5.00
M. Carrot & Walnut Cake $5.00
N. Chefs selection of Slices $5.00
O. House baked Scones with Chantilly Cream & Fruit Jam 2pp $5.50
P. Individual Yoghurt with your choice of Honey Granola or Fruit Compote $6.00
Q. Banana Bread $4.50

Fruit (Prices per Person)
A. Fresh Whole Seasonal Fruit $2.50
B. Seasonal Mini Fruit Skewer $4.50
C. Individual Fruit Salads $6.50
D. Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter $6.50

Savoury (Prices per Person)
A. Bread Roll $1.50
B. Roast Vegetable & Pesto Palmiers $5.50
C. Ham, Cheese & Seeded Mustard Palmiers $5.50
D. Assorted Quiche (Lorraine, Spinach, Tomato & Fetta) $5.50
E. Traditional Sandwiches $9.00
F. Gourmet Sandwiches $10.00
G. Mini Filled Baguettes $10.00
H. Assorted Mini Filled Rolls $10.00
I. Gourmet Wraps $10.00
J. Gourmet Knot Rolls $10.00
K. Trio of Dips served with Turkish Bread $10.00
L. Selection of Australian Cheeses with Water Crackers $9.50
M. Chicken & Vegetable Frittata $6.50
N. Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta Frittata $6.50
O. Bacon, Cheese & Herb Muffin $5.50
P. Filled Mini Savoury Croissant 2pp $7.00
Q. Bacon & Egg Wrap $8.00
R. Bacon & Egg Roll $8.50
S. Mini Gourmet Pies 2pp $7.00
T. Mini Sausage Rolls 3pp $7.00
U. Spinach & Fetta Triangles 2pp $6.50

Design your own morning & afternoon tea
Simply choose from the list above and mix and match to what suits you. All items are priced per person.